T -5 to Liftoff.

4… 3… 2…



All systems check. We are a go, Houston. After an extensive, intricate and powerful assembly of a quintessential vehicle to ensure smooth transitions of payloads (your products) to new heights, Wve Labs is finally on its way to a long journey of best-in-class ideation & strategies, technology practices, development, testing and marketing.


Well, sorry for so much of the astronaut jargon. But one of our founders is crazy about space… and the other crazy about the oceans. Guess who suggested the company name? 😉


Welcome on-board. We are very young and we are very late. Story of every millennial, right? But there is a good reason for that and so we are banking on the very fact that we are young & late!


We have been busy experimenting. We have been busy sitting and watching from the other end of the table. We have been busy formulating ways in which we DON’T want to run this company. We have been busy being clients ourselves. We have been doing what others don’t and went for the road less traveled. (No, none of our founders is a fan of Robert Frost)


What we found was intriguing and gave us exactly what we were looking for to start and run our tech company. App development businesses are pioneered with the advent of the need of the market, not the need of the app developers and app owners. Realize this: In the last decade, apps rose to power because the smartphone market was booming. And to leverage the potential of this trend, businesses from around the globe took the opportunity to serve their finest services making millions of apps that now we relish every day. And good for us that many of them became our inspiration as well.


But something was still not falling in place. 6 Million Apps, 2 Billion Smartphone Users, 100+ Billion App Downloads, A $150 billion mobile app industry. And we know only a handful of apps as a user. Why? What happens to those millions of apps that hit the market with great enthusiasm and promise?


We took a short survey of 200+ people in the US who are currently developing or have developed an app with an app development / software development company within or outside of USA. (Just to be clear, we never asked these clients about their current development partners. And so the research was unbiased and completely based on the client’s own experience. Also, we invited clients who hired startups and medium companies only) Here are some interesting finds:


  • 76% of the clients think that the hours mentioned by their hired companies are way more than the work actually done for.
  • 60% of clients, hiring development firms outside USA, find their app designs not up to the standard.
  • 88% of clients, hiring development firms outside USA, complain about the huge communication gap due to time zones and languages; affecting the project efficiency.
  • 39% of the clients don’t find the hired developers technologically sound or having a proper training.
  • 61% of clients have ready to use products without any go-to-market strategy.
  • 23% of clients think they were not consulted if their idea and the end result was a “me-too” product.
  • 5% of clients say their product was abandoned before completion / getting live.


In the feedback section, the summary from most of the clients was the huge number of bottlenecks that plague the development life cycle, ultimately affecting the quality of the end product. Such apps do hit to stores, but fail to catch the attention of the users. And this happens with majority of apps out there.


Here is our full survey and findings.


We may not be here with an answer for all the problems. But we made it our mission to step in your shoes each time you get on-board, streamline the app development life cycle to its maximum possible limit and give the most contemporary end-to-end services for your apps: From consulting you on your idea, advising on whether you should do it or not (yes, making a quality, competitive app is more important to us than making a sale), and proposing the best mix of technology and marketing services for a great quality product, ensuring it reaches its users.


So, whenever you are up for a little chat or have any idea for an app or want to market current apps on the store, we are here to ride the wave with you to the shore.

“We are not here to create ripples… We are here to create waves!”