Mobile applications have become an increasingly important part of any business plan. As the mobile market continues to expand, the number of mobile app development companies expands with it. While more options is not necessarily a bad thing, choosing the best app development company for you can seem like a daunting task.  You need to do your research beforehand, and get to know your options well, before choosing a development partner to help build your technology. This list will help you find the best iOs and Android development company for you and your project.



Figure Out What You Need


They type of application you want to build makes a big difference when choosing a mobile app development company to work with. Some developers specialize only in iOS apps while others don’t offer game development. The best mobile app development companies offer an end-to-end solution, providing you with ideation and strategy, UI design and development, as well as support, maintenance and marketing after launch. Emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs normally need a company that can help with every aspect of development, and the best mobile app development agencies will offer exactly that. But, if you realize you don’t need design work done, or you have an experienced app marketing team already in place, you can adjust your search criteria to find a better fit. Any way you look at it, you need to decide what the basic function of your platform is going to be, and what your overall needs are, before finding the best mobile application design and development company.


Find the Right Fit


The mobile app development process can be a long one, so finding a development company you want to work with is important.This doesn’t just mean finding the right personality fit, but looking at the development company as a partner who will help you bring your app to life. Look at all of the top development company’s websites and dig deep. Look at their portfolio, case studies, and check out the ‘About Us’ page to see what they are all about. If it is important to be able to meet face to face, look up all the top development companies in your area, and do the same thing. Once you have a list of potential candidates, start making phone calls and setting up meetings, if possible. The best mobile design and development companies will give you the time you deserve, even before you sign on as a client, learning about your idea and making sure everyone is on the same page before moving forward. While pricing is important, it should never be the only deciding factor. Making sure the mobile development firms you are looking at have a proven track record, the capacity to give your platform the attention it deserves, and share in the passion that you have, are all important elements in finding the right development company.


Weigh Your Options


Once you have talked to several app development companies, and had time to run through the needed features of your mobile app, you should start getting proposals back with budget and timeline estimates. It can be easy to compare the proposals strictly based on the numbers they show, but you have to a dig a little deeper to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Is the work going to be done by in-house developer, or do some of the app development companies outsource to freelancers? Is the development going to be native iOS and native Android, or will it be a hybrid app? Does the proposal include UI design and quality assurance, or are those going to be added costs. Is the work done on a time and materials basis, or fixed cost? These are all thing you should keep in mind when comparing proposals. Also the ‘best’ iOS and Android development companies may not actually be the best for you. Depending on when you want to start, the timeline they can offer, the tech stacks they use and the amount of resources they can devote to your project, you may find that some of the top mobile development companies may not fit well with your unique criteria. By spending some time, either in person or on the phone, to get to know the app development firms that you may be partnering with, as well as conducting your own research, you will only improve your chances of developing a beautiful, engaging mobile app that meets or exceeds your expectations. 



Picking the best mobile app development company for your project does take some work, however, it can be an informative and exciting part of the process. The development companies you communicate with will all have some unique thoughts and input regarding your mobile application, and that will help you better formulate what you want, before you pay a single dime or write one line of code. Eventually, the right app development company will become clear, as you work through your requirements and run through your options. Once that happens, you can get to work bringing your idea to life.

Wve Labs
Oct 18, 2019