Focusing on user acquisition is an important part of launching a mobile app, but you need to focus on engaging and retaining users with your with your app as well. Basic mobile app user retention is commonly defined as someone who returns to your app at least once every thirty days, while a highly engaged user is someone that returns to your mobile app ten or more times in a month. User engagement is a critical metric when measuring the ongoing success of your app, and the following list will help you better understand how to build your technology in a way that maximizes your mobile app’s ability to engage and retain users.

Build a Quality Mobile App With Proper Functionality

With the amount of apps in the Google Play and Apple App stores, users have very little patience for low functioning or glitchy apps. Some bumps in the road are to be expected when initially launching an app, but top mobile development companies will be experienced in handling those situations. Choosing the right development partner is key in creating a mobile app, as the best iOS and Android developers will advise you on the features needed in order to keep your mobile app functioning at the level you need, while attracting and retaining users.

Make Sign Up Easy

We’ve all been there: you just downloaded a mobile app you’re excited about, and start the sign up process only to realize how much information you need to input to get started, so you simply stop and forget about the app. Lots of users have this same reaction and that is why it is imperative you make it as easy to sign up for your app as possible. By offering multiple registration options and reducing the steps needed for signup, you make your application more appealing right off the bat. If your mobile app needs a lot of information from the user, get it later. Once a user is signed up, incrementally get that information as they use your app, and educate them on why you are using it. Users are becoming increasingly aware and cautious of the information they share, so being as transparent as possible will endure you to your users and increase engagement.

Good UI/UX

The user experience and user interface are what your users will be seeing and experiencing, so finding a top UI and UX designer is imperative to keeping users engaged with your app. Keeping your app streamlined and intuitive is almost always the goal during this stage in the process, and the best UI and UX companies can advise you on how to improve your mobile app in this way. It can be hard to remember that you need to create an app that everyone will like, not just you, and getting sufficient input from your mobile design and development company on the UI/UX portion of your platform will help ensure that you create an app that large numbers of users will want and use.

Use Push Notifications (But Don’t Overuse Them)

When developing your mobile app, make sure that it will have push notifications, but don’t overdo it. Statistically, users are more likely to engage with your mobile app if they have enabled push notifications, but going overboard can turn people off. By all means, let your users know if you have rolled out a new feature or improved your app, as that is a good time to get users to reengage with your mobile app. However, sending out too many push notifications can seem spammy, and cheapen your app in the eyes of your users. You want your notifications to motivate users to open your app, so remind them of something useful, but don’t be overly pushy.

Constantly Maintain, Support and Improve Your App

Once your mobile app launches in to the Google Play and Apple App stores, you need to keep working to make sure that your app stays functional, your users stay happy, and you make improvements where needed. Monitor your user reviews in the app store, as well as on Google My Business and other platforms to see if there are any issues within the app, or room for improvements. Beyond this, monitoring your support email, and responding to users with a personalized approach will keep users coming back to you app. It is common to have the company that developed your app handle the maintenance and support, and the top app design and development companies typically offer this, and would be happy to advise you on improvements and additions.

Final Thoughts

User acquisition is important, but user retention and app engagement is just as important if you want long term success for your mobile app. The above list is a good starting point when thinking of ways to retain users. However, do your research, and don’t shy away from talking about it with your prospective development team; top mobile development companies will be happy to explore your options with you and be refreshed that you are thinking about the long term success of your app.

Wve Labs
Dec 11, 2019