Wearable Apps for User Experience

As the wearable tech market grows, there will continue to be opportunities for businesses to develop interesting and engaging content and apps. However, few design companies have the technical capabilities and creative vision to capitalize on this growing market. The majority of wearable apps are simply slimmed-down versions of their mobile counterparts — rather than adding to the user experience, they recreate it on a smaller, less useful scale.

If you're considering developing a wearable app, trust Wve Labs — a design company that can help you build something genuinely useful.

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Is a Wearable App Right for Your Business?

Just as no two smartwatch users are the same, there are many ways to add wearable functionality to your existing website or app. A standalone wearable app works independently of a smartphone, whereas a companion app works alongside one, enhancing the experience, providing notifications or other features.

There's no right way to develop a wearable app. However, making one requires careful thought, clear vision and advanced planning. Some things to ask yourself include:

  • What features or functionality will a wearable app deliver that a standard mobile app can't or doesn't?

  • How will a wearable app fit into our users' daily lives? What added value will it deliver for them?

  • Do your competitors have wearable apps? If not, what gaps exist that a wearable platform can solve?

When done right, a wearable app can create a strong connection with your user base. When done wrong, it can be an expensive exercise that will deliver few benefits for your business. The key to developing a smart, useful and creative app is to work with an experienced team.

About Wve Labs

Wve Lab offers comprehensive app development and design across all platforms — web, mobile and wearables. We use a wide range of technology stacks to ensure any project we take on is efficient and error-free. Check out our Technology page for an in-depth look at some of the many tools we use to develop for the current wearables ecosystem.

However, great tech is only part of the equation. Wearable app design is as much about realizing a creative vision as it is about solving technical challenges. Designing for wearables requires working within a set of strict limitations and anticipating how users will interact with your product.

We begin every job with an in-depth consultation, followed by extensive market research, brainstorming and whiteboarding. Leveraging the full talents of our international team, we will put together a detailed proposal for your wearable app — one that clearly shows the value it will deliver to both your clientele and your bottom line.

Getting Started with Wearable Apps

Wve Labs is based in Los Angeles but maintains satellite offices around the world. We can turn around any project quickly and economically. Contact us to learn more about who we are and how we can help you. We'd be happy to meet with you at your convenience and learn more about your wearable app design needs.