Tip and rate the agent
Tip and rate the agent
Feeling happy about your conversation Tip and rate the agent
Check the history of tips received
Check the history of tips received.
Want to see what have you earned from tips, you can check the history of tips received.
Company and agent both can view leaderboard
Company and agent both can view leaderboard
Agent- Check where you stand among your colleagues. Company- can view the tips earned by each agent.

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UI Design

UI Fonts
UI Graph
UI Color

Development Process

Analysis and UI/UX Design
We began with capturing detailed functional requirements. Then our designers made sure to give a quality user experience by developing polished designs.
Our developers integrated the designs into a responsive and friendly use of the website. Along with that the specific logic for receiving gratuities was implemented in the backend.
A sequence of rigorous, meticulous, and repeated tests was done to eliminate the bugs. This ensured a well-functioning site which was market ready.

Challenges and Result

Interactive Graphs
We were required to create an interactive graph for the companies so that they can view the tips of all the employees as well as view the tip count.
Paypal integration
We integrated Paypal where the money flows directly to the employee Paypal account without splitting.
Temporary links
We generated temporary links which could be shared with the customers. We managed to do so by setting a 10 minute window for the link to remain active.
Capturing customer info
we captured the customer name when temporary link has been sent, so that customer related data can be seen on the dashboard.

Tech Stack