App Features

An essential recipe sharing app with a social media touch

Gourmet Groupie is a unique app created specially for the food lovers while having social media elements in it.


Not just another Food Recipe app

Our UI/UX team followed a user-centric design approach to create a seamless experience for the food lovers.

Carefully crafting the user experience considering the color psychology of food lovers.
UX Fundamentals
Selecting the right balance of design elements to give a unique feel.
Color Palette


Developed with a futuristic approach

Based on the client’s input of using open source technologies, we have used Laravel for the Backend and React Native for the Frontend development. A scalable architecture has also been implemented to ensure that new features can be ugraded easily in future.

Technology Stack

Picking the correct technologies

The right combibations of deveopment tools to be used is very important in the beginning of a project. Below are the tools used in this app.

Challenges & Result

A few challenges along the way are always fun to solve.