App Features

A number of ways to spread positive emotions to friends and family.

Text Only
Send textual posts to you express your gratitude
Share your moments joy with your dear and near ones.
My Notes
Keep track of personal gratitude thoughts and feelings.

UX Design

A super user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

Ui Design

A unique blend of UI elements that merge the gratitude concept with social media features.

Development Process

Our developers used agile methodology to manage the project incrementally.

App Prototype

UI designs were converted to a functioning prototype with animations.

Initial Sprint

MVC based architecture was used for the frontend development.

Backend Developement

APIs and admin dashboard were build using Laravel Framework.

Final Sprint

After 3 rounds of QA, the app was finally ready to be live.

Tech Stack

We have identified the best frontend and backend technologies and put them to use.


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Challenges & Result

A few challenges along the way are necessary.

Creating custom library
We created a custom library for the photo gallery within the app itself.
Managing the text based gratitude over SMS/email.
We create a screen from where a user could send either a text message or an email. Here the logic was to validate and identify the characters in the field.