This Fortune 500 company approached us though their subsidiaries to maximize visibility of their app during the uprising of on-demand video platforms across Asia.

About The Project

Sony Liv started as a pre-loaded app on early Sony mobile devices to leverage an initial user-base of their own customers to use on-demand video streaming on their mobile devices. The success of early versions of the app was limited by the slow mobile data speeds in the Asian region and the availability of select region-specific television programs on the app. With the injection of 4G devices and drastic reduction of data rates across Asia and specifically India, all the Asian TV networks rushed to leverage the power of mobile video experience as it provided with much profitable, personalized, targeted ads to the viewers. In 2015, there were more than 15 on-demand video apps raking in millions of downloads each.

Our task was to establish Sony Liv as one of the leading apps in the Entertainment category on app stores. With an average user downloading only 2 on-demand video apps, the task was to be visible and generate enough virality during television events to enable an app store success.


ASO - Keyword Comparison Report

Search Term Traffic Rank Rank
HD 5 - 34
Serial 4.3 - 3
Movie 5.2 - 36
Stream 3.8 - 16
Tv 5 - 15
Comedy 5 4 3
Shows 3.3 - 4
Drama 3.9 - 9
Streaming 3.4 - 14

Keywords Ranked Before ASO = 8
Keywords Ranked After ASO = 22*

(*Only includes researched primary keywords.)

  • Researched and identified primary and secondary keywords along with competition analysis
  • Completed title optimization according to store guidelines
  • Prepared an optimized app description with correct keyword positioning and density
  • Optimized and updated store screenshots for better user engagement
  • Continuously monitored keyword traffic and ranking to identify best ad campaigns
India Ranking For Sony Liv Since ASO Submission



With a mix of incentivized and non-incent CPI campaigns, the iOS app ad campaign focused on a young, sports-oriented audience primarily in South Asia and Middle East


Android version of the App was the primary focus as Asia is dominated by Android devices. 65% of the ad campaign budget was allocated to this CPI campaign bringing in millions of downloads


There were 2 basic approaches to marketing in this domain: competition and user search pattern. Looking at the vast competition in the arena of on-demand video streaming apps, the approach towards user acquisition had to be very unique from the first step. We identified 10 regional competitors including apps from Star Network, Fox Network and others, which had very intensive, ongoing marketing campaigns. We tracked down their activities and analyzed their keywords to understand gaps and make recommendations.

Secondly, we analyzed the user search patterns for video streaming apps and struck gold realizing the pattern being dynamic with the changing primetime spots and with major television events like a football world cup, Olympics or even the premier of a new season of a mass favorite sitcom.

We intended to closely monitor and apply well tested approaches to combine the optimization techniques with user acquisition campaigns that accurately reaches the audience and maximize ROI.


The idea was to create a very dynamic ASO campaign that would change enough portion of Title and Description of the app each time a major event or primetime change occurs. Thus, ensuring a continuous improvisation, well-in-advance, and implementing the changes including the screens on the stores. The result was an incessant increase in local keyword rankings that resonating with short-term search peaks of users. Adding our efforts to their existing marketing infrastructure, the app now stands among the Top #5 apps in the Entertainment category.

We combined the ASO techniques to closely work with a target intensive mobile ad campaign with a direct-to-install or Cost-Per-Install (CPI) campaign that benefits the client to budget their user acquisition costs by paying directly for app users rather than ad viewers. Our combined effort with their other marketing campaigns brought a whopping 100+ million downloads on both the App Store and Play Store together.


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