App Development Life Cycle

From strategizing the tech stack and designing UI/UX to building a breathtaking native app with a well-developed, secure backend, we were actively involved every step of the way.

  • Ideation & Strategy

    After extensive market research and brainstorming sessions, we ideated a strategy centered around building a competitive edge in the tech-embracing, e-commerce fashion industry.

  • Augmented Reality

    Using Python based datasets and existing libraries for 3D models, we created a state-of-the art AR experience with classic Maui Jim sunglasses.

  • Development & QA

    Our highly skilled engineering team transformed this idea into reality with Swift iOS and Laravel by creating a functionally extraordinary user experience.

Wve Approach & Consultation

Immediately we recognized the need to understand their internal requirements and formed a team to visit the client offices to understand their idea on the app and provide constructive improvisations over their original thoughts. The team brainstormed the best route of User Experience and then developed a tech stack strategy that balanced their existing infrastructure requirements.

A UI design team took this forward and beautifully wrapped the idea into something everyone loved in an instant. After a few iterations, the final design set was ready to roll into development.

The development was done in Native iOS language – Swift using xCode 9.x as the IDE. The web services were developed in Laravel framework and a modest admin panel was coded in PHP. While our rigorous Quality Assurance cycle maintained the highest standards expected by the clients.

Something Amazing Came Out Of It

The app was an instant hit among the internal staff and employees. We provided and executed support and important updates for new iPhone devices and iOS versions. The app is currently being used internally by the company and has been taken into consideration for rolling out a consumer version as well as an Android version.

Development Stack