All About the App

An award-winning concept turned into reality for making the most of empty parking spaces across the country.

List Your Parking Space

List your unused parking spot along with amenities and make money renting them out to other car owners while tracking your history and income.

Not So Far, Anymore

Find a parking space nearest to your convenience in the busy downtown streets. Safe private parking spots with lower costs than public parking.

On-Demand Parking

Plan your trips and book spaces in advance or pay for recurring parking space for daily travel and save time (and annoyance) figuring out where to park.

Design Process

A meticulously planned design process keeping user experience and demographics as a priority.

Logo Design

With an easy to relate app name in place, a strikingly familiar logo with colors indicating easy to recognize ‘Park Place spot’ were considered.

App Icon

Finally, a P + Car were chosen according to a focus group survey to best represent the brand and its features on the Apple app store.

In-app designs

A minimalistic look to achieve amazing grey – blue gradient combination among icons and app backdrops that stand out to the user.

Custom Look

Deviating from a common flat perspective, our team decided to have a flat-2D elements to the app screens to provide interaction that goes beyond into marketing.

UI Designs

An UI that resonates a cool,
futuristic on-demand parking app concept.


A 4-month logical and algorithmic fight to ensure a seamless parking experience

Integrating UI

Converted the designs into a functional prototype with UI enhancements & animations.

Backend Development

Quick and seamless API development with admin dashboard using Laravel framework.

Frontend Development

Senior developers at Wve did clean coding using MVC structure and Swift on xCode 9.

QA & Release

After a successful beta in April 2019, the app went through 3-stage quality check before release.

Tech Stack

Seamless and functional design & development using latest, tailored technologies.

Challenges & Result

Easy is boring! We found a few hair-raising challenges on this parking journey.

  • Custom Time Slot

    Managing hours for the time booked and making sure that the booking doesn't overlaps with other bookings.

  • Filters nearby spaces

    An easy way out to find places near user's location with just a click of refresh. The map will be focussed to the nearest parking spot making for the user easier to do it.

  • Materialistic UI Design

    Shapes, colors, typography is what we took care while building its designs, making the app look sharp and stand out via colors.

  • Wallet System

    Enabling the user to withdraw what they have learned. Managing the money as earned by the user and also managing the cancellations and reflecting the same back in wallet.

Now Available On App Store

Seamless and functional design & development using latest, tailored technologies.