1 Call nearby players by accessing the bench feature
1 Add yourself to queue and get notified when your turn comes
1 Get awarded by your team mates on your performance
1 Switch between multiple courts and request to join team.
We converted the UI designs into a high-fidelity prototype to get a real feel of the app.
UI Design
Open Sans

Initial Sprint

MVC based architecture was used for the frontend development. Swift was used for native iOS development and Java was used for native Android development.

Backend Development

Here, API’s were integrated with the frontend codes for both iOS and Android platforms. A custom admin panel was also built with by using Laravel framework.

Final Sprint

Multiple rounds of QA ensured that the app was market ready.

Challenges Phone
Real time player updates
The user gets added to the team without refreshing and the data is instantly displayed. We used Node Js technology in order to achieve this, where the data is refreshed within one second.
Instant team change
As soon the match gets over, the next team in line will get automatically be added to the current match pool with the winning team.

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