Just like Dr. Leaf’s books and podcasts, the app allows users to subscribe monthly and yearly to the incredibly effective 21-day sessions via in-app purchases.

Audio / Video Learning
Audio/Video Streaming
Each session/day has a series of audio and video streams in the calming voice of Dr. Leaf herself with the usual media functionalities.
An interactive pop-up after each day allows you to set reminders and get notified at your specified frequency with a calendar view of reminders in each cycle.
Though the entire wireframe and UI was already provided by the client, our team tweaked it to the latest UI standards, updated UI for Android apps and performed UI slicing.

Development Process

Project Pace
The primary development goal was to complete the project within 90 days of commencement which was achieved with our Agile Development Model.
Research Module
A customized report taking ability to map user responses with corresponding app activity was developed.
Native Development
Consulted the client on keeping the app native on both iOS and Android platforms for best performance and to ensure efficient future updates.
Robust Backend
A custom PHP Laravel admin dashboard and backend provides the client extensive research capabilities and quick app interaction.
App Rejections And Backend
The iPhone app was rejected due to a promo code feature being against Apple guidelines. This was a setback as 500+ users had been invited for launch day. After getting denied twice, we overhauled the backend overnight to accommodate the promo code functionality while removing it from the app – thus getting accepted by Apple while keeping the feature intact.
App Rejections And Backend
User Feedback & Switch 2.0
User Feedback & Switch 2.0
Active user feedback was overwhelming and helped us improve the app to the current version. A great team effort and endless work-nights were worth it when the client gestured the victory with box of cupcakes! Taking the association ahead, the next iteration of Switch 2.0 (now called Neurocycle) is already on the cards and we couldn’t be more excited!
Now Available on App Store & Play Store
Switch App (Rebranded to Neurocycle) is available on app stores across the world with 100,000+ active users in just 1 year.

Wve Labs was an amazing team to work with from Day one. They provided a super-fast delivery and very accomodating on our every request. They provided almost all-day support for any debugging and the final product is more than what I had imagined it to be.

Founder, Switch (Now Neurocycle)