Concept of Vibe Check

Vibe Check revolutionizes socializing! Share instant videos of your hangout spots – the laughter, music, and atmosphere – in real-time. Whether it's the bustling energy of a lively bar or the chill ambiance of a cozy café, Vibe Check lets you experience it firsthand. Connect with friends, follow their vibe journeys on an interactive map, and discover new hotspots. Stay effortlessly in sync with your social circle, no matter where they are vibing. It's your passport to the best moments around town!

  • Country

    United States

  • Platforms

    iOS, Android

  • Industry

    Social, Lifestyle

  • Services

    UI/UX, App Development, Web Backend

App Features

Features of Vibe Check

From Real-time Vibe Sharing, Interactive Map and Location Tracking to A Personal Enabling A Social Compass and Trend Discovery, the app fosters a sense of community and adventure, encouraging users to discover new and exciting locations based on the current social trends.

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UI/UX Design


Visual Designs

Elevating Vibe Check's brand, our dark neon theme and party-inspired UI enhances engagement and reflects dynamic social connectivity.

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Challenges & Kickass Resolutions

Custom Map Pins

The standard marker options within Google Maps API failed to align with Vibe Check's distinctive visual language, necessitating a bespoke solution.

Our technical team devised a solution by implementing a custom marker system using vector graphics and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) technology. By manipulating SVG paths and properties, we crafted unique, dynamically styled pins. The technical finesse ensured seamless integration into the mapping framework, enhancing Vibe Check's visual identity and delivering a tailored user experience.

Memory Management for Video Feed

The proliferation of instant video feeds on Vibe Check's home page triggered memory bottlenecks, causing performance degradation and occasional crashes due to memory exhaustion.

We implemented a comprehensive solution, leveraging advanced memory management techniques. Asynchronous loading using multithreading reduced the impact of video fetching on the main thread, preventing UI freezes. Additionally, a sophisticated caching system with LRU (Least Recently Used) policy efficiently stored and managed video data, minimizing redundant fetches. These technical optimizations drastically enhanced memory efficiency, ensuring the app's stability and responsiveness.

Tech Stack

Experience VIBE CHECK Yourself!

Wondering where the party's at? Let Vibe Check be your guide! Uncover hidden gems, catch up with friends, and never miss a beat. Vibe Check is not just an app; it's a social movement, a celebration of togetherness in the digital age. Download Vibe Check and let the good times roll. #VibeCheck #SocialVibes #ExploreTogether

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