Getting your App into Stores and out to Users

Once your mobile app has been designed and developed, it needs to be tested and approved to get into the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. While the process for approval is relatively clear, there are many nuances that could keep your app from getting approved. With millions of apps in both stores, the process is one that can be done, and Wve Labs can help make sure that it goes as seamlessly as possible.

If you built your mobile app with Wve Labs, It will have gone through a heavy testing process incrementally throughout development, and then again once development is done. If you built it somewhere else, and need help, we are here for you, and we will run it through our QA program to make sure that the platform you are launching will function well once it reaches users. Either way, once the app has been tested internally by us, we will submit it for approval into stores, and help provide the minor marketing materials needed for your mobile app’s profile in the store.

Getting your App into Stores and out to Users

Common Reasons for Not Getting into Stores

Apple App Store:

  • Bugs and Crashes
  • Inaccurate Screenshots
  • Poor UI
  • Misleading Information (especially about pricing)

Google Play Store:

  • Bugs and Crashes
  • Cloning of Existing App
  • Inappropriate Content
  • UI issues

The Fun Part

While the process of launching can seem a bit stressful, it’s good to remind yourself that this is where the fun begins. Wve Labs has collaborated with a multitude of partners in launching successful mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and knows the right steps to take in order to help ensure your platform’s success.

Beyond the initial development, a plan should be put in place to make sure that marketing, support, and maintenance are kept in mind, post launch. A successful app store optimization (ASO) campaign will move your app up the list, so that users will find it quicker when searching for apps with similar functionalities, and is necessary to make your app stand out from the rest.

Offering your users adequate support is also important when thinking of user acquisition and engagement. If there are any issues that arise, it is best if they are caught early and addressed before it affects too many of your users. Maintenance is also important, even if you don’t plan on making any changes to your mobile app, as periodic OS and API updates require some time be spent in order to keep your platform functioning properly.

Lastly, once you start gaining traction on your app and have a solid user-base, listen to there feedback and make improvements. Nobody gets it 100% right the first time, but the most successful ones keep trying with regular updates to their platform. Whatever your needs are, Wve Labs has the expertise to get you loyal users and keep your app growing.

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