“Being at the heart of the private and commercial real estate game in Newport Beach & Miami, our team has already been a part of the experience that needs a digital reconstruction”

Real Estate Digital Services

With the millennial population now being the primary house buyers, digitization of real estate has taken precedence to tempt this new and upcoming user-base. The average first-time home buyer in the US is 33 years old in 2020 with 31% of all property transactions being done by this user-base. What’s more? A whopping 51% of all property purchases in 2019 were done on the internet and that is not going to slow down.

The need of the hour, as data suggests, is to reconstruct some old practices and adapt new technology reforms in real estate dealings as this industry turns from an “essential” industry to an “experience” industry.

Wve Labs is here to do just that with our perfectly fit-to-industry team of millennials (our average team age is 29!) who have recently been part of this process or are within one. Half of our team has been through purchases, sales or mortgages of properties in past 2 years and no one understands the digital requirements of real estate boom better than us today.

Digital Solutions For Real Estate Market

Property Listings

Property Listings

A robust and modern property listing mobile and web product that caters to local or national home and commercial property buyers and sellers with the ability to advertise listings and manage trends based on user behavior within the platform.

Buyer Guides

Buyer Guides

Property buyers always need educated assistance, and that’s exactly the experience of a personalized solution of digital property guides, property trends and use-cases within the same local ecosystem provides as part of your product.

Virtual Tours

The need to look-before-you-buy trend has gone digital with majority of internet buyers making decision based on just property images – we intend to change that with virtual property tours and layouts that accurately characterize the real estate deal.

Private Showcases

An exclusive user base doesn’t mean losing focus of digital requirements of those select few. Infact, a well-designed VIP real estate web showcase and branding only makes those buyers feel attracted the deal even more with the luxurious experience it brings.

MLS Databases

Data structures for assembling multiple MLS data points to provide rich information feed to the end mobile or web product along with maintenance and updates required from the legacy IDX feed for all property data requirements.

Agent Partnerships

With our extensive partner network, we provide unparallel opportunities for new and existing digital businesses to get in touch and have potential tie-ups with real estate agents, brokers and builders across the country.

Real Estate Trends

An ever-evolving market needs a sustained information cycle that feeds into your everyday business decisions as a realtor and as a customer. Providing meaningful and user-oriented trends that not only keeps the enthusiasts hooked, but improves your business readiness.

Digital Marketing & SEO

This word-of-mouth reliant industry needs our curated digital marketing campaigns that reach target home and commercial property buyers and with contemporary branding, website SEO and brand management activities across your business.

Yard & Garage Sale Web Package

Why not make your yard or garage sale the hot topic of the town with a lean, personalized website curated for your sales, a robust dashboard to keep track of your sales and inventory and a short, local digital ad campaign that helps you clear out the sale in a flash.

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