Today's web users are savvier than ever before — creating great online experiences takes a combination of art and technology that can only be facilitated by sophisticated tools. At the same time, keeping development costs down requires working in platforms that are easy to use. That's where CodeIgniter comes in.

CodeIgniter is a web development tool that helps programmers quickly and nimbly create dynamic PHP websites. It's one of the many systems we use at Wve Labs to deliver value to our customers. On this page, we share a little about the platform and its benefits for our process.

What Is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an open source platform first released by EllisLab in 2006. In 2014, the British Columbia Institute of Technology took over the project, which was in version 3.1.9 as of June 2018.

CodeIgniter employs a version of the MVC architecture model, which divides a site into three parts:

  • The model:

    Which contains the site's dynamic structure.

  • The view:

    Which is how the model is outwardly presented.

  • The controller:

    Which responds to user input and sends commands back to the model.

The benefit of this type of system is that each component is decoupled from the other two, making it possible to reuse code and work on different elements separately.

What Does This Mean for Your Project?

The technical details behind how CodeIgniter works are interesting enough, but they don't tell us much about its benefits for companies looking to develop a web application. Key features of a CodeIgniter app include:

  • Speed and light weight:

    CodeIgniter sites are typically faster than those designed using other PHP frameworks, in part because they require less memory and fewer system resources.

  • Improved reliability:

    With CodeIgniter's simple user interface, it's easy to detect and debug errors. As well, CodeIgniter sites are generally more resilient when errors do occur and less likely to fail as a result.

  • Platform-independence:

    CodeIgniter sites work across all desktop and mobile platforms, operating systems, browsers and server types.

  • Security:

    CodeIgniter features inherent security tools that prevent SQL injections and other attacks that can compromise your database.

Together, these benefits make your site more reliable, delivering a better experience for your users and ultimately, better value for your money. While CodeIgniter isn't the only web development tool we use, it's one of the most effective, and it's a fast, smart way to bring great ideas to life.

Build Your App With Wve Labs

Our goal at Wve Labs is to provide affordable, effective and technology-focused web and mobile development solutions. Doing this requires using all the tools available to us — CodeIgniter being just one example. No matter which framework we employ on your project, we'll work to create something intelligently engineered and attractively designed.

We are based in Los Angeles, but we work with an international team to turn around projects quickly and affordably. We are your partner for end-to-end solutions, from solving technical challenges in the design and development phase to ongoing marketing once your site has launched.

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