One of the best-known programming languages — even among people with limited coding knowledge — Java is a useful tool for developing web and mobile apps. Designed to be straightforward and easy to learn, its long history ensures there are ample troubleshooting resources and tutorials available when an issue does arise. For businesses looking to develop a mobile app, this makes it possible to turn around complex projects quickly and affordably.

Wve Labs offers a range of Java app development services for customers in any industry. We provide end-to-end support for your project — determining the best programming language to work in is a small part of that, but it's a decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the success of your app.

Java Basics

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems and was first released in 1996. It has three main characteristics:

  • It is concurrent, meaning it can handle multiple computations at one time, rather than performing them in sequence.
  • It is object-oriented, meaning it works with groups of code and procedures.
  • It is class-based, meaning it treats objects as classes rather than individual entities.

What this translates to in practice is that Java is extremely easy to write and work with. It is also modular in that individual objects and classes are reusable.

The benefits of Java for businesses looking to release an app include its portability and cross-functionality, which reduces development costs if you plan on releasing your product on multiple platforms. Java is also more stable and predictable, in part because developers have been using it for so long, while forward compatibility is generally seamless from one release to the next. Both of these features help reduce bugs and compatibility issues in the finished product.

Alternatives to Java

Despite the benefits Java offers, it does come with some drawbacks. For some applications, Java programs can be slower and more memory-intensive than those written in another language.

It's for this reason that Java is just one of the many platforms we work with. If it isn't the right choice for your project, we can recommend an alternative such as Kotlin or Android Studio — both powerful tools for developing Android apps.

End-to-End App Development Services

Wve Labs specializes in comprehensive support during the app development lifecycle. This begins with an extensive consultation about your goals for the project, your budget and your timeline, among other factors. With this information, we'll put together a detailed proposal outlining the best way forward.

Ultimately, the programming language used to develop your app matters less than the fact that we actively seek out the best solution for every project. The Java programming language is a great tool for bringing ideas to life, but it's nothing if you don't have a clear vision to begin with.

Though we're based in Los Angeles, Wve Labs exists at the intersection of inspiration and technology. We're a dedicated partner to everyone we serve, whether they're a startup chasing the next big thing or an established company looking for new ways to serve their clients better.

To find out more about our Java app development services and the role they can play in your project, contact us today.

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