Xcode is a powerful tool for creating Mac OS and iOS apps. Developed by Apple, it puts several programming languages and programming models in a single platform, making it easy for developers to create applications with multiple architectures and characteristics.

Wve Labs works with Xcode and many other tools to create responsive, attractive apps for web and mobile. When you work with us on a project, we'll draw from these resources to ensure your finished product works great, looks great and runs on a lean platform that keeps memory use to a minimum.

Xcode Background and History

Apple released the first version of Xcode in 2003. Based on the older Project Builder development environment, Xcode boasted an easy-to-use graphic interface, distributed build support and other unique benefits.

Xcode 10.1 is the current iteration of the platform. This version, released in October 2018, features improved testing and debugging capabilities, support for Dark Mode and other new features, and changes to the way the editor displays certain activities.

Programming languages supported by Xcode include:

  • C
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Objective-C++
  • Java
  • AppleScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • ResEdit
  • Swift

As well, third-party add-ons now support GNU Pascal, Free Pascal, Ada and other languages.

Benefits of Working With Xcode

There are several reasons why developers prefer Xcode when working on projects in Mac OS and iOS, such as:

  • Xcode puts several of the most popular programming languages at the palm of your hand. Xcode is a multifaceted environment that offers source code editing, testing and debugging, build automation and other functions.
  • Xcode features sophisticated autocompletion tools that fill out syntaxes and show the results in real-time. This makes it particularly useful for developers who are new to a programming language and still learning its ins and outs.
  • Xcode allows you to test out code either in a simulator or on an actual device. This can give a more accurate picture of how an app will function in a real use case.
  • Xcode has been around for more than 15 years — as a result, a wealth of resources and documents are available for teaching and troubleshooting.

Our team uses Xcode for a wide range of development projects — including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac apps — using Objective-C and Swift programming languages. Unless you're really into the technical details, however, the main thing you need to know is that these tools allow us to find creative solutions to the challenges that would otherwise affect your product's usability.

Wve Labs is based in Los Angeles and has been providing Xcode app development since 2015. We pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds — the resources and expertise of a large firm and the one-on-one attention of a boutique developer. It's this commitment to excellence that makes us the choice of established companies and ambitious startups alike.

Read more about our Technology Stacks online or visit our Portfolio to see how we translate that tech into great apps for a variety of platforms. For more information about the role we can play in your project, get in touch today.

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