Hybrid Mobile Development

Built to function across platforms, Hybrid Apps are developed using technologies such as C#, HTML 5 and React Native in order to lower initial costs, accelerate your time to market, and offer users access to your hybrid app, across platforms, devices, and industries.

Wve Labs’ team of veteran Hybrid App designers and developers will collaborate with you in building a custom hybrid app that will attract and engage users, build your brand, and transform you startup or enterprise. Giving you the best value is our goal at Wve Labs, and Hybrid App development will ensure you get as much value out of your new technology as possible.

UI/UX Design

User Experience & User Behavior

Custom Native Hybrid Mobile Applications

Information Architecture

Ongoing & Continuous Delivery


Hybrid App Development Services

Initial Consultation and Ideation
Initial Consultation and Ideation
Our team will strategize with you in deciding the best possible plan for building your technology. Whether you want to develop a hybrid app prototype, MVP, or fully functional platform, our team will consult with you on the needed features for your Hybrid App to inspire and engage users.
App Design
App Design
Our award-winning tam of Hybrid App designers will work closely with you to ensure your designs are intuitive and appealing to users. With a heavy focus on functionality and user experience, our designers will make sure that your Hybrid App will entice loyal users to download and engage with your Hybrid App, long after it launches in stores.
App Development
App Development
Our Hybrid App developers use new and established technologies that will allow your Hybrid App to function like a Native App. You will be involved in every step of the process, with our knowledgeable team of Project Managers and Technical Analysts keeping you informed of the progress your Hybrid App is making on a regular basis.

Process of Developing a Hybrid App

Process of Developing a Hybrid App

Overall ideation of your product and its features, along with discovery and the signing of our Letter of Engagement to get things started
Kickoff Call
Make deposit and schedule a kickoff call to meet your team and get an understanding of the SDLC
UI/UX Designs
Work with your team to create contemporary, intuitive designs using Sketch and UX prototyping
Hybrid Development
Begin the development phase using Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic and React Native
Our QA process is ongoing with Alpha and Beta testing and a ramp-up of QA before launch
Launch & Post-Launch
Launch into the respective app stores and select the right support, marketing and maintenance packages for your platform

Got An App Idea?

View our extensive portfolio and development experience before we meet at the office or out for a lunch and get the project scoping and ideation started.