“From being students who created thousands of experiments since high school on Raspberry devices in last decade, to developing real-life applications and still experimenting...”

Enterprise Solutions With Raspberry Pi

From smallest IoT experiments to large scale applications, little powerhouses like Raspberry Pi & Arduino bring sophisticated and fully customizable hardware support to any project needs. A completely open development environment accompanies these devices enabling vast development opportunities and remote setups for startups and enterprises.

Raspberry Pi devices are extremely power efficient and affordable and reduce hardware costs both at a server and a client level application. Some of the best prototype projects start with Raspberry Pi MVPs and help simulate a larger hardware environment in production stages of a project. Their versatility along with the unlimited possibilities of applications, make working with these devices a great challenge yet they are some of the most fun-filled projects at our development studio.

Raspberry Pi Applications

Video Walls

Connect multiple video displays in synchronous and asynchronous modes to make gorgeous video walls at events, exhibits or for outdoor advertising; all controlled remotely through an admin panel and a front end via Raspberry device(s).

Logistics & Transport

A sensor based IoT system that enables the admin to record, analyze, get actionable insights and automate freight load alerts, vehicle fuel and location data and driver routes among numerous other things for a more efficient logistic support and maintenance.

Smart Appliances

Raspberry kits can create an integrated environment to connect with IoT enabled devices like smart lights, temperature control, room control and smart home appliances to create a smart hub which is controlled seamlessly by a mobile or web application as the frontend.

Enterprise Surveillance

Custom surveillance setup at a large office or warehouse space can be affordably created using Raspberry Pi camera and motion accessories and customized to fit all the requirements while keeping a secure in-house, independent system that works on intranet as well as cloud dependent environments.

Warehouse Management

Automate inventory management, batch management and customize scanning process / RFID process with low cost systems managed with a Raspberry Pi network and compatible hardware modules that can be reprogrammed for all the changing ecommerce needs.

Thin Clients

Set up low cost thin clients as individual access computers that will connect to the virtual machines hosted on the server, giving low cost hardware solutions for a large company and saving computer upgrade costs for each terminal.

The Sweetest Piece Of Pi

The passport sized machines coming at costs as low as $60, are some of the most used pieces of hardware kits on the planet. With limitless applications, fully modular design, customizable software and saving upto 60% of hardware costs for companies, it is a revolutionary piece of technology that is bringing a change in the Internet Of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

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Video Wall Automation Platform using Raspberry Pi

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