“Some of the life’s most amazing and memorable experiences have been with a hospitality group for almost all of us at Wve. Time to give something back in return this time!”

Hospitality & Travel Solutions

The whooping $1 Trillion hospitality sector is the last standing industry that has human conviction at the core of its success. With the 2020 pandemic majorly overturning this triumph, temporarily; more sophisticated, user friendly and tech driven digital solutions have become the apparent heir to the everyday functioning of all the industry’s physical and digital real estate.

The online end-to-end solutions from customer bookings, table reservations, identity verifications, check-ins, room experience, concierge services and luxury add-ons, availability of everything on the small screen is the need of the day. Customers are more and more leaning towards the ease of access and put a lot of trust on the online platforms to deliver on the claimed experience. With this in mind, we strive to deliver some of the most amazing experiences that the hospitality and travel industry has to offer to its clients.

Digital Solutions Across Hospitality Sectors

Vacation Rental

Amplify your vacation rental platforms with an upbeat mobile app and webapp that resonates across all generations with sleek UX that matches all expectations of a luxurious, fun-filled vacation, which enabling property owners to manage and improve their ROI.

Hotel Chains

A complete front desk automation and room personalization solution with an intelligent CRM system on-premise and a standalone mobile & web platform that serves as a booking management and keyless entry system, all centralized for the entire hotel chain.

Inns & Motels

A right branding strategy that connects seamlessly to local travelers and visitors alike with a seamless onboarding experience, discount strategies and ROI management tools and stunning websites for all local inns, motels and lodges in the US.

Bed & Breakfast

An all-in-one solution to provide a booking engine to customers, a channel management platform for agents to book rooms, and an admin dashboard to remotely manage your property and access reports with a beautiful website.

Restaurant & Bars

Your own standalone table reservation and food ordering platform that eliminates middleman charges and provides complete brand control to your establishment along with season specific contests, themes and social factors added in for customer engagement.

Business Events

Annual business and networking events get multiplied impact with our trendy website development services which gives online networking capabilities to guests and a visitor tracking system using beacons for seminars and after parties.

Luxury Services

A luxurious UI with a robust app-web combo that screams premium for all your guests requiring limousine services, boat charters, exclusive club access, golf reservations and luxury concierge services with a branding experience that is as rich as the taste of your customers.

Travel Marketplaces

Customized solutions for travel aggregators and online booking platforms to develop their brand’s web and mobile applications for a seamless, minimalistic booking experience across hotel stay, air travel and vacation activity services.

Personalized Guest Experience

A killer combination of IoT solutions, chatbots and customized learning algorithms that create personalized guest experiences through virtual assistants and databases that compute hundreds of customer datapoints and provides targeted services.

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