Website Development

Did you know that over 85% of customers visit a service provider’s website before making a purchase? Today, the accessibility of a website, its visual design and user experience is more important than ever.

At Wve, we take a consultative approach when preparing and presenting website proposals. Our web development process encompasses several phases, including R&D Consulting, front-end development, back-end development and finally, testing and QA. Each of these phases require different technologies.

We go the extra mile to blend these technologies to develop a remarkably beautiful, functional and distinct solution.

  • R&D Consulting
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

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Build Brand Awareness

Invest in a website that creates an unforgettable user experience now, and watch as your brand grows in the future. From logos to site flow to graphic design, we’ll develop an unforgettable website that embodies your brand.

Reach New Customers

In just 10 seconds, your website needs to captivate the eyes, mind and hearts of new users. Give new-comers to your site a reason to stay by developing an easy to use, sleekly designed, and thoughtfully curated custom website.

Value With Wve

Multilingual Coders

Multilingual Coders

At Wve Labs we speak many coding languages. We can create stunning websites, backend portals and landing pages in PHP, HTML5, Ruby, Wordpress, .NET as well as Magento for eCommerce.

Lightning Turnarounds

Lightning Turnarounds

Website development is our forte in terms of quick turnarounds. Our coders and designers develop flawless websites in just weeks. If you need something fast to engage your customers, starting with a website is the way to go.

Timeless Results

Timeless Results

We create lasting websites with the ability to change over time and stand fabulously on their own in the present. We’ll transform your vision into captivating graphics and effective code.