Mobile Healthcare Access & Security

Effective health interventions require easy access to information. At the same time, patients need to know their personal data is secure and kept private at all times. Meeting both these seemingly conflicting objectives is one of the core challenges of developing mobile apps for the healthcare sector.

For this reason, who you partner with is key. Wve Labs brings advanced technology and a keen understanding of your business to every project it takes on. We can help you develop an app that is secure and convenient while enhancing the overall experience of patients and caregivers.

About mHealth App Development

Mobile health, or mHealth, refers broadly to the many uses for mobile technology in the healthcare industry. This includes apps and platforms that aid with record management, diagnosis, tracking and consumer education, among other things.

To develop an effective mHealth application, several things must be considered:

  • Confidential information must be stored in accordance with HIPAA and other related standards.
  • Consumer-facing platforms must be accessible without presenting information inaccurately.
  • Practitioner-facing platforms must fit into highly streamlined workflows without causing more problems than they solve.
  • Systems must be economical to develop and distribute at scale.

Of course, every healthcare app is different, and each of our clients has unique considerations. Though an extensive consultation process, we'll get to know your needs and propose creative, effective solutions that help bring your product to life.

About mHealth App Development

Working With Blockchain for Healthcare

Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Hyperledger represent one of the most promising developments in mHealth app development. As a primarily data-driven sector, maintaining information integrity is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Blockchain has the potential to make transactions more transparent and traceable while keeping records secure and speeding up transaction times.

We cover some of the technology behind blockchain — and its potential applications — in our Blockchain development page. While blockchain isn't necessarily the best platform for every healthcare app, it's worth it to carefully consider its merits and drawbacks in the design and planning stages.

Fortunately, Wve Labs provides both blockchain and conventional mobile health app development services. We won't recommend blockchain if we don't feel it is the best solution for your project. But if it is, we'll draw from our extensive technical background to implement it in a smart, seamless manner.

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Wve Labs is a team of forward-thinking developers and designers. We are based in Los Angeles, but we serve clients around the globe. Incorporating the latest tech, but basing our work above all in the practical considerations of your business, we are a partner to organizations of every size.

We offer lightning-fast turnaround times, budget-friendly pricing and end-to-end service based on an in-depth consultation process. Check out our Technology page to learn more about our capabilities, and be sure to read Press coverage of our organization. You can also visit our Portfolio page to see some of the work we've done for clients in the past.

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