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Businesses and governments are only now beginning to fully explore the potential applications of blockchain. Asset provenance and definition is one widely cited area of promise. With blockchain, you have a verified registry that is trustworthy, transparent and easy to access — a fact that has potential applications for finance, real estate, supply chain management and many other sectors.

When you combine the power of blockchain and the convenience of a mobile platform, the possibilities are limitless. Let Wve Labs show you how you can leverage this technology to grow your business with a blockchain registry app.

Understanding Proof of Existence

Proof of existence is a concept central to the blockchain — and a core part of its potential for registry app development. Proof of existence is a public record verifying the provenance of an item. When stored in blockchain, it is an independent, accurate authentication tool for documents, products, messages and anything else that can potentially be falsified.

We've put together more general resources about this technology in our Blockchain page. You can also contact our office and speak to a representative for more information.

What Can a Blockchain Registry App Do?

Blockchain registry apps put verified documentation in a convenient online platform. This has many potential applications in diverse field such as:

  • Real estate:

    Administration-heavy real estate transactions are expensive to process and time-consuming. With a blockchain registry app, it's possible to store title information and other documentation in a secure, decentralized platform, where it can be accessed quickly and conveniently, speeding up transaction times and minimizing expense for all parties.

  • Pharmaceutical:

    When highly regulated drugs are being transported and stored, a documentation error can have serious consequences. A blockchain registry app can reduce waste, minimize fraud and ultimately inspire greater confidence in the provenance of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

  • Citizenship and identity:

    Blockchain registry apps also have potential as digital identity tools for verifying and storing official documentation in a mobile platform. This is convenient for everyone — and can be lifesaving for refugees and other people in tenuous situations where valid passports and other identification are hard to maintain.

A registry app can be used for any application that involves verifying document integrity, proving ownership, date and time stamping, and other tasks.

Registry App Development From Wve Labs

As with any new technology, it's not easy to separate the genuine potential from the hype when it comes to blockchain. If you're going to invest in a registry app or similar project, you need to partner with a team you can trust.

Wve Labs is proud to be at the forefront of mobile app development for blockchain. We specialize in helping our clients bring their creative vision to life — we see our role as one focused on problem-solving and creative visioning, with a background in technical expertise and a keen understanding of the current trends in the tech and mobile sectors.

If you're curious about registry app development using blockchain and would like to learn more about options for your business, get in touch today to request a meeting with our team.

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