Design Consulting Services

Elevate your brand and enhance your business

Los Angeles' Wve Labs offers design consulting services that elevate your brand and enhance your business' presence across web and mobile platforms. We believe great designs are responsive, unique and memorable. We can provide consulting services that help you create a defining identity for your organization — one that can form the basis of your broader marketing and communications initiatives.

We work with clients across the country in a wide range of industries and sectors. If you've got a pressing design challenge, or if you're a startup looking for expert help crafting a visual identity, contact us first.

How We Can Help

Wve Labs specializes in design and branding, with an emphasis on mobile and web application development. We help our clients build distinctive visual identities that translate across platforms and media. Services we provide in this vertical include:

We base our services on the needs of our clients, which can include any combination of the above. Leveraging the skills of our multidisciplinary team, as well as your internal expertise, we work in a collaborative environment that drives results for our partners.

Benefits of Wve Labs' Design Consulting Services

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Not all graphic design consultants are the same. Working with a team like Wve Labs — one that has experience designing for web and mobile — has multiple benefits. We can:

  • Help you create or refresh a distinctive identity that will make your company more memorable
  • Make sure your external presentation aligns with your broader business goals
  • Streamline the mobile and web development process by making design choices that are easy to port to these platforms
  • Ultimately save you money and reduce the hassles inherent to working in a forward-thinking multimedia environment

At Wve Labs, we do it all: Design, development, consulting, marketing and more. We believe that each of these verticals relates to the others in fundamental ways. Rather than working in a vacuum, we take a holistic, big-picture approach to design consulting.

See the results for yourself by visiting our Portfolio page. Although we're based in Los Angeles, our international team can provide design consulting for clients around the world. Start the process by getting in touch today.