End to End Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is a broad category that can include everything from the initial conceptualization to wireframing and prototyping. Along the way, effective app design will leverage creative vision, graphic design, market research and technical thinking, among other skills. It's only when these various teams and pieces work together that you end up with a product users will love and stick with.

It's for this reason that it's important to trust your mobile app design to a team with the in-house skills necessary to do it all. At Wve Labs, we specialize in end-to-end mobile app development. We believe this is the best way to bring your ideas to life and to deliver the best value for our clients.

What Do Users Look For in a Mobile App?

Clearly, mobile apps are big business. For organizations of any size, a great mobile app is a way of connecting with customers on a platform that goes with them almost everywhere. But what do users look for in a mobile app, and what are some of the common pitfalls to avoid?

A good mobile app will address a compelling need.
A good mobile app will address a compelling need.
This can include making information accessible on-the-go, creating a more direct connection with your team or otherwise streamlining their experience with your organization and making their lives easier.
A good mobile app will be responsive.
A good mobile app will be responsive.
More than perhaps any platform, the mobile experience should be intuitive and easy to use. Errors, confusing layouts or other design and technical issues will instantly turn a user off and quickly relegate your app to the trash.
A good mobile app will be compact.
A good mobile app will be compact.
Your app is competing for memory with countless others — a product that takes up less space, while remaining fast and easy-to-use, is more likely to stick around and see use on a regular basis.

Ultimately, every great app begins with a great idea. Our role at Wve Labs is to turn that idea into a workable finished product that meets the above requirements.

Value With Wve

You Get The Best View

Our client focused office space and tranperant development process allows you to continously view the project progress right in front of your eyes. You can use our client lounge in LA to see real-time code updates and test the app along with our team.

Equipped With The Latest Tech

Adhereing to the latest Apple development standards and using powerful native languages like Swift 5 with xCode IDE we make modular, scalable apps that gives you the flexibilty to upgrade seamlessly with the fast pacing mobile technology.

Our Team At The Helm

Our diverse team of iOS designers, developers and project managers put their unique backgrounds and perspectives to work on your app, collaborating with you every step of the way in bringing your iPhone app to the Apple Store, and millions of prospective users.

Got An App Idea?

View our extensive portfolio and development experience before we meet at the office or out for a lunch and get the project scoping and ideation started.