App User Acquisition Consulting

Creating a great app is only the first step

Creating a great app is only the first step. To maximize its value to your business, you need to acquire and retain users over the long term. We cover user retention on another page. App user acquisition, on the other hand, is a distinct process with a range of best practices that vary by industry and product type.

At Wve Labs, our commitment to our clients doesn't end after the final test. We can provide targeted mobile app user acquisition campaigns that help drive consumers to your product. Read on to learn more or contact us to speak with a team member directly.

User Acquisition Strategies

There are many ways for your app to acquire new users. A nuanced, forward-thinking strategy may involve any of the following:

  • Social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Search engine optimization that draws Google users to your landing page
  • App store optimization that increases your ranking in search results
  • Soliciting reviews and referrals from prominent sites
  • Content marketing
  • In-app advertising on related products
  • Pay-per-click and pre-roll ads
  • Conventional advertising (TV, radio, etc.)

Matching the product with the right app user acquisition strategies is critical to maximizing value when planning an ad campaign. Wve Labs will assess your budget and your goals to determine the best combination of services for your project.

Principles and Best Practices

A diverse, well-balanced user acquisition campaign will help make the most of your budget. Focusing exclusively on one strategy will limit your potential for growth. At the same time, however, over-extending your budget across multiple channels will minimize your overall effectiveness.

One essential principle of app user acquisition is to know your audience. Effectively using big data can show you who is downloading your app and how they're getting it. This serves two purposes: It shows the acquisition strategies that have been most effective in the past, and it identifies demographics that are currently underserved. With this information, you can plan future campaigns strategically.

Finally, it's important to realize that app marketing begins early in the development process. With clearly defined goals and a high-quality finished product, you'll be more effective in getting users interested in your app. Rather than trying to fit a marketing strategy to your app, establish early on who you're targeting and how you'll reach them, and start creating your app with those goals in mind.

How Wve Labs Can Help

As a full-service app development agency for mobile and web, Los Angeles-based Wve Labs is your partner every step of the way. We can assist with brainstorming, UX and UI design, programming and more. When the app is complete, we'll help you develop a smart marketing plan that drives acquisition and retention.

One benefit of working with us is that, when it comes time to do the marketing, we'll already know your product and your business intimately. This ensures any strategy we develop is appropriate for your industry, your users and your broader goals.

Get started by messaging our team and telling us about your development, design or mobile app user acquisition needs.

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