Cost Per Mille (CPM) App Advertising Services

When bringing an app to market, deciding how best to advertise it is nearly as important as any of the technical decisions you'll make during the development process. There are many ways to market an app — even when it comes to paid ads on a website or social media, various pricing models offer different benefits and strategies.

Cost per mille, or cost per impression, app advertising is one of the most commonly used pricing models today. Wve Labs has extensive experience designing and running effective CPM app advertising campaigns for clients in Los Angeles and beyond. Here's a brief look at what this means and why it might be the best choice for your app.

What Is Cost Per Mille App Advertising?

With a cost per mille advertising model, as the name implies, companies pay a fixed amount for every 1,000 impressions their ad receives. CPM rates are generally low, which allows businesses to get started with a minimal initial investment and then tailor their campaign as it evolves.

Benefits of CPM Advertising

Cost per impression app advertising is:


The cost per mille app advertising model is a convenient way to get your product out to large numbers of potential users while keeping your budget manageable.

Data Driven

CPM ad campaigns offer exceptional transparency. You'll know the number of times your ad was displayed, which helps measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


CPM advertising lets you specify a maximum amount you want to pay, based on an established rate, which makes budgeting easier.

For CPM advertising to deliver the most impact — and the best return on your investment — you need an eye-catching ad. That's where Wve Labs comes in. We can provide ad design and consulting services alongside app development and marketing. As a big-picture partner to our clients, we get to know your product and your industry intimately, which helps us develop more effective ad campaigns.

CPM Alternatives

Alternatives to CPM include the cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) models, in which advertisers charge each time an ad generates a click to your site, or generates a sale, respectively. Which one is right for you will depend on the goals of your campaign. CPM is generally best for building brand awareness. While a user may not click through or make a purchase directly from your ad, a higher volume of impressions will establish your organization as a leader in its field. As a result, when a user is ready to purchase, they'll be more likely to think of you and try your app first.

That's not to say CPC and CPA advertising models don't have their uses. One of the benefits of working with Wve Labs is that we'll take the time to explain your options and help you make an informed decision. If a CPC or CPA campaign is the best choice for your project, we won't try to sell you something different.

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