Why Your App Needs A Landing Page

Don't think your app needs a landing page? Think again. Landing pages are an essential tool and a vital hub for sharing information about your product. A small investment of time and effort can help grow your audience and center your marketing initiatives.

A landing page shouldn't be the only marketing tool you use to promote your product. Done right, however, a good landing page is a complement to pay-per-click campaigns, app store optimization, press releases, social media other advertising strategies.

What Is a Mobile App Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone website that advertises your product. It doesn't have to be a single page — many often contain detailed FAQ sections and other useful information. Your landing page should be the highest-ranking search result when someone queries your app, and it should link to a download site where a user can purchase your product.

Benefits of Mobile App Landing Pages

Here are a few of the many benefits a well-designed mobile app landing page can have for your product:

  • Promotion:

    A landing page is, first and foremost, an advertising tool. It is a natural focus for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, in part because it doesn't link to a platform-specific download site. Businesses typically use landing pages to drive conversions, get new customers and close sales.

  • Legitimacy:

    A landing page can help convince potential users that your product comes from an established business they can trust. It's also a convenient way for users to reach you with any questions or tech issues.

  • Consistency:

    App landing pages are a great way to ensure the information about your product — which would typically be spread out across different app stores and download sites — is current and accurate. They're also a great place to establish your brand and deliver your message with consistency.

  • Authenticity:

    Linking to an authorized download site from your landing page ensures users are getting the most up-to-date version of your product, weeds out look-a-likes and generally gives your customers greater peace of mind, knowing they are getting something they can trust.

Landing pages are also great for growing your mailing list and for giving you useful insights about who your customers are and how they came across your product.

App Landing Pages From Wve Labs

Wve Labs specializes in eye-catching design and highly functional web and mobile apps. Who better, then, to create an attractive landing page that makes a strong case for your product? We can provide this service on its own or alongside other design, development and marketing initiatives.

Wve Labs is a Los Angeles firm that blends art and technology to drive our clients' business success. Whether we are running a marketing campaign or overseeing the end-to-end development of a new app, you can count on us for insight, expertise and quality work — all at a fair price and with a fast turnaround time.

Let us create an app landing page for you. Call or get in touch with us online to request a quote.

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