Announce Your App to the World!

Getting your app to as wide an audience as possible requires a combination of conventional and social media marketing. A press release can and should be a core component of that. A well-crafted press release will announce to the world who you are, what your app can do and how to take the next steps.

Tech blogs and other media outlets receive dozens of press releases in a day. How do you stand out and get noticed? Working with a firm that understands app PR marketing is one of the best investments you can make.

Benefits of a Press Release for Your App

A press release may seem old-fashioned in an era of social media and viral marketing, but it remains the best way of getting your product launch noticed by tech blogs, trade journals and other outlets. They cost nothing to send out and can, in return, lead to prominent placement in a respected publication.

More than that, however, a press release is a declarative statement about what your product is and can do. It is a document that can guide and define all other marketing efforts, establish your expertise and outline the unique value of your product.

Best Practices for Press Release Writing

Writing a press release is both a science and an art. Here are some tips that will get your product noticed:

  • Start with a catchy headline.

    The headline is the first thing a news editor will read — make sure it pops!

  • Keep it simple, without speaking down to your audience.

    This will require a careful assessment of the audience you're writing for. In highly specialized industries, you can go deeper into the technical benefits of your product — for general media, keep it high level.

  • Focus on the benefits.

    State directly what your product does that others can't. Make the link between innovation and results, citing real-world examples, and use cases if at all possible.

  • Be concise.

    Knowing what to leave out when writing an app press release is as important as knowing what to include. Avoid a big wall of text, while making sure you get your key points across succinctly.

It's easy to be intimidated by these rules when attempting to write a press release for yourself. Instead of stressing, have our team take care of it. Wve Labs can provide impactful press releases and other promotional services for your product.

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Wve Labs is a Los Angeles-based app design and marketing firm. Because we can handle the tech, creative and promotional sides of a project, we are uniquely positioned to craft effective press releases. We'll do the research to identify which outlets to target and make a compelling case for the benefit your app can deliver.

Best of all — we do it quickly and at an affordable price. Make us your partner for an upcoming project, and you'll see the value of our end-to-end service approach. To learn more, keep browsing our website or contact our office to speak with a team member directly.

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