App User Engagement Strategies

You may have an innovative marketing strategy

Your app may look great, and you may have an innovative marketing strategy in place, but that's only half the battle. Unless you're actively engaging with your users and giving them a reason to keep your product on their phone, it's unlikely they'll remain a loyal customer for long.

An application, like any piece of software, has to be dynamic. There are many ways to generate user engagement — and the right strategy for your app will take into account a wide range of factors relating to who uses your product, and how they use it.

As Los Angeles' app user engagement experts, Wve Labs leverages an in-depth understanding of mobile tech to help you develop smart strategies that foster a long-term relationship between your product and its audience.

How to Drive User Engagement for Your App

There are many ways to promote app user engagement. Here are a few of them:


Gamification is a popular buzzword these days, but it boils down to making your app fun to use while measuring a user's progress and engagement. Not only does this incentivize the user experience, but it also gives you concrete metrics that can help you develop more effective products in the future.


Incorporating personalized menus, messages, landing pages and other features creates a more direct connection with your users. There's evidence to suggest that personalized messaging is more effective than generic messaging when it comes to retaining users.

Push notifications

Push notifications are gentle reminders that will draw users back to your app. They're also a great way to alert users when new features or add-ons become available.

Gifts and discounts

Everyone loves a gift or exclusive discount! Email marketing is a great way to connect with your app's users and let them take advantage of special offers on upgrades and related products.

Every app user is different. Strategies that effectively engage one will just as easily annoy another. It's important not to overdo it with the above techniques. Used judiciously, however, the right combination of user engagement strategies will cultivate a loyal audience for your product.

Comprehensive App Development, Design and Marketing Services

The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention

While a long-term app marketing strategy is essential, the number-one key to user engagement is to have a great app to begin with. That's why it's so important to work with a developer that takes the time to understand your priorities and your audience, and who can help you build an engaging app from the ground up.

The Wve Labs team combines innovative technology with a creative vision to design attractive, engaging apps for Android, iOS and web platforms. Because we work with you from the start of the project onwards, we're better positioned to market your app than an outside firm. That translates to more value for your money and, ultimately, a more effective campaign that connects with your users in thoughtful, organic ways.

If you'd like to learn about the role Wve Labs can play in conceptualizing, developing and marketing your app, contact us today. From our Los Angeles headquarters, we are proud to work with both startups and established brands across the country.

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