Advanced CRM & POS Solutions To Strengthen Your Business

The right customer relationship management strategy can increase overall sales and boos the productivity of your online business. Wve Labs’ wealth of experience in CRM solutions can be an asset to businesses in any industry. Our team of highly skilled developers and designers have the required knowledge and expertise to incorporate advanced CRM solutions that will strengthen your customer-enterprise relationship.

Point of sale (POS) software is everywhere nowadays, and while the best POS software almost goes unnoticed, a bad POS stands out like a sore thumb, whether it is employee or customer facing. This shows the importance of developing a high quality POS system that is user-driven and intuitive, allowing the user to checkout quickly and seamlessly.

CRM Solutions

Custom CRM Development: Manage your customer relations efficiently with a customer built CRM system. We lean on our years of expertise in creating successful CRM solutions and collaborate closely with you in order to identify and address any issues that are effecting the overall customer journey.

CRM Mobile Application Solutions: Your mobile e-commerce app is a huge driver of sales and business, and maintaining and enriching the mobile customer’s experience, while successfully converting potential users into loyal customers.

CRM Maintenance & Improvements: Our goal with any client we work with is to form a long-term partnership, and with CRM system it is now different. Wether we built the CRM system or not, if you think there is room for improvement, we will work with you to pinpoint the areas that need addressing, as well as look ahead to potential pain points that can be addressed now in order to save headaches down the road.

CRM Solutions

AR and VR App Development

As AR and VR have taken off in recent years, there has been a simultaneous explosion of development tools and software for app design. Knowing which platform to use is only part of the battle. To ensure your project is successful, you need to work with a partner who understands this space and has the technical training to bring your vision to life.

Wve Labs works with a wide range of technology stacks and development tools to create immersive AR and VR apps. We are a partner to businesses that want to leverage the latest platforms to drive deeper engagement with their customers. As an extension of your team, we'll provide the technical side of the process, while recommending ways to enhance your finished product.

Is an AR/VR App the Right Choice for Your Business?

Technology is always evolving, and it's not uncommon for something that feels like a game-changer today to be obsolete by tomorrow. With that in mind, is an investment in AR/VR the right choice for your business now?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the value your users will get from the technology. To explore ways that AR and VR can help grow your business, contact Wve Labs' Los Angeles headquarters. We'd be happy to put together a custom proposal for AR/VR app development that's tailored to your needs.

Got An App Idea?

View our extensive portfolio and development experience before we meet at the office or out for a lunch and get the project scoping and ideation started.