Advanced CRM & POS Solutions To Strengthen Your Business

The right CRM software can increase overall sales and boost the productivity of your online business. Wve Labs’ knowledge of CRM solutions can be an asset to businesses in any industry with our team of highly skilled developers and designers having the required knowledge and expertise to incorporate advanced CRM solutions that will strengthen your customer-enterprise relationship, and take your customer satisfaction to a higher level.

POS software is commonplace in most businesses, and while the best POS software almost goes unnoticed, a bad POS stands out like a sore thumb. We lean on our experience of working with businesses across industries in developing high quality POS systems that are user-driven and intuitive, allowing the checkout process to go seamlessly. Whether you are developing your own POS system for the first time, or just getting your old POS upgraded, Wve Labs can help you get it done.

For our CRM and POS solutions, we use Odoo, a powerful open source management software that uses a variety of tools in order to offer the best solutions to enterprises of any size. Our Oodo consultants fully utilize the services and solutions offered through Odoo in order to use actionable data to drive results. With our customized CRM and POS systems, your business will get more done in less time.

CRM Solutions

Customized CRM Development

Manage your customer relations efficiently with a customized CRM system. We use our years of expertise in creating successful CRM solutions and collaborate closely with you in order to identify and address any issues that are effecting the overall customer experience and sales journey.

Mobile CRM Solutions

Your mobile e-commerce app is a huge driver of sales and business, and maintaining and enriching the mobile customer’s experience, while successfully converting potential users into loyal customers should be something your strive for constantly. Wve Labs can help you break through to the next level by exploiting the best CRM options for your business.

CRM Maintenance & Improvements

Our goal with any client we work with is to form a long-term partnership. Whether we built your current CRM system or not, if you think there is room for improvement with your current CRM system, we will work with you to pinpoint the areas that need addressing, and look ahead to potential pain points that can be addressed now in order to save headaches down the road.

CRM Solutions

POS Solutions

Custom POS Development

We will provide industry leading quality in the design and development of your custom POS system, while ensuring they are compatible with necessary third party devices so your POS system can offer the best experience to its users, and improve the overall customer experience, while driving your business goals.

Mobile CRM Solutions

We will integrate the latest inventory management systems into your POS system, offering you real-time inventory management across all channels. Your POS inventory system will have the ability to seamlessly integrate with numerous hardware, including QR scanners, barcode scanners and RFID.

CRM Maintenance & Improvements

We will make sure that your POS will communicate seamlessly with your online storefront, ensuring enhanced customer experience and accurate internal feedback. With an integrated POS system, you will optimize the sales cycle and improve the customer journey.

Got An App Idea?

View our extensive portfolio and development experience before we meet at the office or out for a lunch and get the project scoping and ideation started.