What is DevOps?

DevOps is a process experience-enhancement practice that focuses on communication and collaboration between the software engineers, project managers and other Information Technology (IT) stakeholders of the project by empowering software delivery and IT infrastructure deployments.

Primary focus of DevOps at Wve Labs, is to reliably establish an environment that enables building, scaling, testing and releasing of any software product rapidly and efficiently.

What is DevOps?

Why DevOps For Mobile Applications?

Typically, in a mobile app development company, the engineering team builds and tests their code in a private environment within that department and then it is released to an operations team for deployment. These 2 teams, working separately in a SDLC, are unaware of each other’s challenges like tech stack complexity, infrastructure requirements, code and server configurations, deployment requirements, performance monitoring and logging. This creates a gap in overall process which can potentially slow down production and/or infrastructure scaling.

A well-planned DevOps practice, spanning across the entire mobile app delivery cycle improves deployment time, lowers requirement of new versions, shortens bug-fixing time and provides a predictable recovery timeline. Simple processes become increasingly automated, programmable and dynamic, while enabling organizations to deploy new releases within days rather than weeks.

DevOps Services

Configuration Management

We automate infrastructure configs and version delivery by using tools like Chef, Puppet or Docker. Customized scripts are enabled to monitor config drifts while enforcing and automating desired configs.

Continuous Integration

As an extension to our agile process, automating code integration is crucial to ensure code coverage and quality. We frequently use Bamboo for integration and release management.

DevOps on AWS

Our consultants can enable a smooth and swift transition of IT infrastructure to AWS. By using a mix of AWS services including EC2, Elastic BeanStalk, CloudFront, ECS, Lamba, RDS, Route53, Amazon Rekognition, etc., our team has helped deploy hundreds of applications on AWS.

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