E-Commerce Web Development

From new businesses and startups in need of a custom e-commerce website, to existing companies and enterprises looking to update their existing e-commerce site, Wve Labs has an abundance of experience that can help your brand make the right decisions when addressing e-commerce web development.

Wve Labs has partnered with many brick and mortar businesses who looked to create an e-commerce website to bring their business online, and can use our expertise to help take your business up a notch. We offer custom development of features and selling points that will improve your customer’s buying experience while driving your business goals.

E-Commerce Web Development

Benefits of our E-Commerce Web Development Process

Wve Labs specializes in design and branding, with an emphasis on mobile and web application development. We help our clients build distinctive visual identities that translate across platforms and media. Services we provide in this vertical include:

01Open source e-commerce software

Wve Labs uses open source e-commerce software that allows us to launch robust, high performing e-commerce websites quickly, while passing on the savings to you and your company.

02Increasing your sales by custom designs

We provide custom designs for your e-commerce site that will entice users onto your platform and into your store, increasing your sales and building your brand in the process.

03Secure and proven payment gateways

We use safe, secure and proven payment gateways to ensure the online monetary safety of your store and your customers. Security is always one of our primary concerns when building e-commerce websites.

04Custom UI/UX to quick site explore

We collaborate with you on your custom UI/UX to give your customers a streamlined and intuitive journey, allowing them to explore your site and products quickly.

Leverage Our E-Commerce Web Development Experience

Our breadth of knowledge in the e-commerce world helps us build effective solutions efficiently.



Magento is a popular choice for e-commerce developers that is known for its unique mobile templates, which allows our talented team of e-commerce developers to bring you flawless, dependable, and cost-effective e-commerce solutions.



An effective tool used by e-commerce developers, similar to Magento, but with less features. Meant to fit the budgets of any small or growing business, WooCommerce is a good way for your brand to break into the e-commerce world while offering your customers the products they are looking for

Custom Ecommerce

Custom Ecommerce

If you’re looking for a fully custom e-commerce website, you’ve found the right partner. Our accomplished and proficient team of designers and developers know how to make your e-commerce store stand out. We will collaborate heavily with you to understand your e-commerce needs, and build you an innovative platform that will be an immediate asset to your brand.

Got An App Idea?

View our extensive portfolio and development experience before we meet at the office or out for a lunch and get the project scoping and ideation started.