Efficient and Effective Maintenance

While it’s easy to focus on the initial expense of developing an application, ongoing application maintenance is an important aspect to consider once your app launches. As technology continues to evolve, regular app maintenance is a cost effective way to make certain your app stays up to date while enhancing usability.

Even if you aren’t integrating new features into your app, maintenance is needed to keep your app fully functional when Apple and Android release new versions of their operating systems, which happens regularly. As soon as a new operating system goes live, we monitor your app to make sure that is working perfectly on all devices.

Beyond operating system compatibility updates, there are a number of other elements to consider when choosing the right app maintenance plan for your project. Wve Labs has the expertise to monitor your app and advise you on the right plan, with the technical know-how to execute it and make sure that your technology is functioning at optimum capacity long after launch.

Efficient and Effective Maintenance

Platform Maintenance Elements Offered by Wve Labs

Analytical Monitoring
Analytical Monitoring:
Reports on what users are doing within your app that can give insight into possible upgrades
Technology Licensure Monitoring
Technology Licensure Monitoring:
Managing any licensed technologies your application is using
Host Monitoring
Host Monitoring:
Manage cloud computing platforms, and adapting your plan as your user-base scales up in size
OS Compatibility Updates
OS Compatibility Updates:
Keep your app functioning at an optimum level as Android and Apple roll out new updates
Customer Facing-Technical Support
Customer Facing-Technical Support:
Monitoring user profile concerns, such as login issues, account problems and payment information

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