Customizable Support

It is a common misconception that once your mobile application launches, you get to sit back and watch your user base grow. While it is quite an achievement to launch your own app, support after it hits the app store is a key part of ensuring your application’s success.

Whether you developed your application with Wve Labs or not, we will monitor your app and treat each user as if they were our own. Customer support is a key part of maintaining a successful mobile app, and our broad range of app support options will offer your users personalized interactions that will set your app apart from its competition.

With our fully customizable support packages, Wve Labs’ global support team will be available in the capacity that you need in order to keep your user base coming back, while you enjoy that drink on the beach.

Customizable Support

Support Offered By Wve Labs

Email Management
Email Management:
Our experts take over your customer support email, and use a sophisticated approach in receiving and responding to your support emails, as an extension of you.
Customer Review Monitoring
Customer Review Monitoring:
We reply to customer reviews on the app store, as well as platforms such as Yelp and Google My Business.
Subscription Management
Subscription Management:
Pinpoint maintenance needs and make recommendations on next steps.
New Feature Ideation
New Feature Ideation:
Collaborate with you in analyzing user reviews and emails to figure out where upgrades or additions may be made, and advising on further actions.
User-Facing Non-Technical Support
User-Facing Non-Technical Support:
Our customer support experts will respond to any non-technical issues your users are having, with the level

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