Establishing the Foundation of Your Platform

Before beginning the development work for your platform, it is imperative to take the necessary steps in order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible while building your technology. Wve Labs has worked with many entrepreneurs and companies in creating wireframes and prototypes that paint a clear picture of the functionality of the app, as well as aid in providing something tangible to show potential investors.

Using our expertise and experience, Wve Labs can offer you quick, thorough, and beautiful deliverables that will be an immediate asset to the project you are working on, as well as improve the efficiency of the rest of the development process.

Establishing the Foundation of Your Platform

What is Prototyping & Wireframing?

Wireframes are a rough outline, either on paper or in digital format, that will show the layout of each page, as well as the overall flow of the platform. The key to a good wireframe is simplicity, and with that in mind, a good wireframe will not show the look and feel of the final product, but will have three clear focuses:


To present the information that will be displayed on the page


To give an outline of the structure and layout of the page


To convey the overall direction and description of the user interface (UI)

A prototype is a relatively simple clickable model of a mobile or web app, that allows for testing with users and other stakeholders. Prototyping is typically the next step in the product design process after wireframing. Unlike wireframes, a prototype will show the look and feel of the technology you have built, and will resemble what the finished product will look like, much closer than wireframes.

The benefit of both prototyping and wireframing is that they will both allow for misunderstandings and issues to be fleshed out early, which translates to resources saved down the line during development.

Why Wve Labs?

Wve Labs is an experienced mobile and web app developer, headquartered in Los Angeles, that has a wealth of experienced team members around the world. As an innovative industry leader, we have the resources and knowledge needed to help take your platform to the next level.

Whether you are looking for prototyping & wireframing to help with fundraising, or you already have funding secured and just want to make sure that everyone is on the same page moving forward, we will be with you every step of the way. Providing valuable insight and ability that will give your project the best chances of success, no matter what stage in the process you are in, is what we do. And we like what we do.

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