How to Get More Reviews for Your App

When you're researching a new product, what do you trust more — marketing hype or user reviews? While there's value in investing in targeted, enthusiastic promotional materials, all that can be undone by a consistent record of poor reviews. Conversely, a string of good reviews can be the deciding factor in whether or not a user chooses your app.

Generating positive reviews starts with developing a great product. At Wve Labs, we recognize the importance of organic enthusiasm when marketing an app. That's why we strive to build, from the ground up, products that are functional and attractive, and that add value to users' lives.

What Do Users Look for in an App?

The best way to get more app reviews is to build a product that users connect with. "What do my customers want?" is a question that is central to all businesses. And while mobile apps are a unique product, and each user has different expectations, certain characteristics are consistent across the board. A good app should:

  • Be easy to use.

    First and most importantly, users will respond to an app that is easy to use. Bogging your product down with too many features or laying it out in a way that's clunky or non-intuitive will instantly turn a user off. To get better reviews, focus on building a product that does one thing exceptionally well, with a seamless workflow that makes sense the first time you use it.

  • Look great.

    Looks aren't everything, but they're critical to generating positive app reviews. Browse any app review database, and you're sure to see negative feedback that centers around an app's appearance. Invest in great design, and you'll go a long way toward generating goodwill and repeat users.

  • Be reliable.

    A buggy app may not be immediately obvious, but when technical flaws become apparent over time, they're one of the main things that will get users to give up on your product. Make sure your app has been extensively tested, using modern tools and technologies to search for coding errors or other failure points.

  • Be marketed appropriately.

    You can have the smartest, most attractive app possible, but if the right people aren't using it, it's going to be very hard to generate positive reviews. For better or worse, marketing — whether through social media or app store optimization — is key to getting your app to users. Make sure you have a strategy that makes sense for your app and that your branding accurately and spells out its benefits.

How We Can Help Generate More Positive App Reviews

Wve Labs is an end-to-end partner for app design and marketing. Leveraging technical expertise, extensive research and intuitive sense for what users want, we create apps that are functional, stylish and rock-solidly reliable. But our role doesn't end there. We can also develop a promotional strategy designed to help you generate positive app reviews and other word-of-mouth buzz.

To learn more about who we are and how we can help, get in touch with a team member today. Contact us online or call our office directly.

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