Releasing Your App is Just the Beginning

The work of bringing your app to a broader audience doesn't stop with its release. Making sure you get seen by users involves strategic marketing — app store optimization is an important part of this. When users search for a particular term, they're more likely to download the top-ranking result. Optimization helps ensure your app finds its way there.

Wve Labs is proud to provide comprehensive marketing services for its clients. Once we've designed your app, we can put together a plan that will maximize its exposure to potential users. Here's how.

How App Store Optimization Works

When you search for something in Apple's App Store, on Google Play or in any of the other mobile app download sites, several factors determine how results are returned. These include:

  • The title:

    The title of your app should contain searched-for keywords associated with your product.

  • The description:

    Likewise, the description of your app should also include keywords that will drive traffic.

  • Reviews:

    The more positive reviews your app has, the more likely it is to rank highly.

  • Total downloads:

    The number of people who have downloaded your app previously will also affect its placement in rankings.

You can't control your reviews directly — other than by releasing a great product, of course — and your total download count takes time to build up. However, you can successfully affect your ranking by choosing keywords and inserting them strategically into your app title and description. This process is fundamental to app store optimization, but the process doesn't end there.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

App store optimization is all about maximizing the exposure of your product at its point of sale. It can be a complement to traditional marketing — or the primary way you promote your app. For startups, app store optimization is a way of leveling the playing field with your more established competitors. If users see your rideshare app ranking alongside Uber and Lyft, for example, they'll be more likely to download and use it with confidence.

App store optimization also allows you to target your marketing to specific audiences by using keywords. This, in turn, delivers a better return on your investment than more generalized promotions, as it works to get your app in front of those most likely to benefit from it.

App Store Optimization From Wve Labs

Wve Labs provides strategic app store optimization for clients in a wide range of industries. As an end-to-end partner for our clients, we know your product and your goals better than an outside SEO firm ever could. This helps us deliver the best results — and the best return on your investment.

We would be happy to put together a marketing package that helps you rank highly in the Apple app store, on Google Play or anywhere else potential users download your product.

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