What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a transaction-recording computer database that can be stored in multiple places all at once. It can be helpful to think of blockchain technology like a public forum where people can request and complete transactions through creating a post.

Through blockchain, each post will be connected to a digital signature, that can never be changed or deleted. In other words, blockchain technology connects and tracks information securely and with total transparency.

Blockchain technology can be used for a variety of purposes including money transactions, identity verification, equity swaps, running decentralized market places, voting and more. You may know of parties in the financial sector who are already utilizing concepts such as bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. All these concepts operate on the blockchain technology. If your project requires blockchain technology, we’re here to discuss the best course of implementation to fit your needs.

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Blockchain Applications

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a technology protocol designed to digitally verify, enforce, or facilitate the performance or negation of a contract or transaction without third parties.

Digital Identity

A digital identity is information used by computers to represent external agents such as people, applications, organizations, or devices.


Blockchain enables timestamping, requires proof-of-existance, and ensures notarization for every transaction.

Internet of Things

Blockchain can be used as a security system for the internet of things through tracking and distributing security softwares across connected devices.

Financial Services

Blockchain provides many crucial financial services including securitization, tokenization of assets, traceability of transactions and total transparency.


Ensure data privacy compliance and regulation by entrusting blockchain to share patients’ information in an encrypted and secure way.

Value With Wve

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    We engage in understanding the intricacies and efficacies of Blockchain applications in your industries and know how to best leverage it in your processes.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    We are skilled in building enterprise portal solutions that merge information access and distribution with workflow management using blockchain as the backbone.

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    Our engineers create functional, secure and robust mobile application systems with Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain platforms.