Swift is an all encompassing, multi-paradigm, interactive programming language developed by Apple inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and existing Objective C code. Swift allows for real time feedback and concisely expressive coding.
Objective-C programming is rooted in the concept of code embodying objects in reality. Programmatic objects represented by Objective C can range from labels, to strings, to people even.
X code is a set of development tools with the purpose of creating iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac apps. It enables developers to write code in both Objective C and Swift. Xcode is characterized by multifaceted ability, integrating swift code with objective-c libraries.


Java is an all-purpose, object-centered, class-oriented computer programming language. Java is acutely designed to have the fewest implementation dependencies as possible.
Kotlin is an unmatched language for Android app development created by the Android App Development Company. It’s incredibly innovative with features like interoperability, compatibility and enhanced speed & performance.
Android Studio
Android Studio is the official software or IDE of Google to develop Android apps. It enables the developer to write native apps in either Java or Kotlin. It has an integrated ability that allows Kotlin code to use Java libraries.


C# is a hybrid of C++ and C. It's an object-focused programming language developed with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform. C# was designed to enhance Web app development productivity and efficiency.
HTML 5 is the most recent version of the HTML standard. It’s a World Wide Web markup language designed to present content on smartphones, tablets, and other handled devices.
Xamarin enables sharable code across multiple platforms. Xamarin coders write with a C# code base to develop native iOS, Android and Windows apps with original interfaces and shared code.
React is a Javascript library for building seamless, interactive UI interfaces. It uses the same core UI building blocks as iOS and Android and creates real mobile apps indistinguishable from other platforms.
Apache Cordova
Apache Cordova empowers software developers to program applications for mobile devices using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 instead of having to rely on platform-specific APIs.

Web Technology Stack

PHP is an all-purpose programming language for front end Web development. It can be easily embedded into HTML and is one of the more common coding languages for web development.
Laravel offers templates, instinctive packaging systems, migration options and version control. At the core of Laravel is the capability to achieve consistence and high performance results and products.
Code Ignitor is an open software framework for rapid development intended for use in constructing complex websites with PHP. It provides developers with MVC architecture, built in security tools, high speed and code re-usability.
Cake PHP
CakePHP’s framework is an open source web development platform under the MIT license. It embodies the model-view-controller approach which leads to the creation of flexible, enigmatic websites.
Firebase is a new age app development platform based on the Google Cloud Platform. It enables coders to focus on designing exceptional user experiences without the hassle of managing servers.
Angular JS
Angular JS is an open-source front-end web application platform based in JavaScript. It’s maintained by a community dedicated to decreasing development problems within one page applications.


Magento is the go-to choice for a strong majority of e-commerce developers around the world. It’s renowned for unique mobile templates, multi-store & site functionality and model-view-counter.
Wordpress enables seamless content management, embeds effortless SEO optimization, and offers a myriad of creative themes for developers and designers. WordPress is commonly the default choice for a website platform.


SQL is an open-source database management systems that runs on almost every platform and OS. It includes a MySQL replication, pluggable storage engine, connectors, partitioning and countless other features.
MongoDB is an open-source tool capable of functioning across a multitude platforms with options for 10+ coding languages, including but not limited to Python, Java and C++. Core features include indexing and high-availability data replication.
Postgre SQL
Postgre SQL is database management system centered around object-relations which enables users to easily modify code for their respective needs. Tow prominent features are asynchronous replication and nested transactions.

Server Side Scripting

PHP language stands for “PHP” Hypertext processor” and is an all-purpose scripting language suited to the server-side of web development. PHP is the most widely-used script language serving as the base of over 80% of modern websites.
Python was engineered as an all encompassing programing language for coding more than just web development. Python is one of the more flexible coding languages with special abilities to load pre-existing libraries in real time.
Node JS
Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript environment built on a v8 engine (it has an expedited run time). This engine enables Node.js to run faster and more reliably. It’s supported by a non-blocking, lightweight & efficient i/o object.
The .Net framework enables coding language like C# and VB.NET to reap the benefits of object centered architectures including implementing interfaces, polymorphism and inheritance.

Designing Tools

Sketch is a vector designed tool centered around user interface design and experience. Its efficient platform enables designers to create multiple UI screens using a real time preview tool called Mirror.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the dominant photo editing, graphic design, and digital art software. It was originally published by Adobe Systems for macOS and Windows and empowers designers to create stunning visuals.
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for vector and raster graphic apps. It enables designers to create icons, complex illustrations, typography, logos and drawings in any medium.
Invision Studio
Invision Studio integrates prototyping, design and collaboration into one united workflow. It begins with a live creation environment which enables designers to craft smart layouts and interactions in synch with the artistic process.

Wireframing Tools

Marvel is a design platform for creating fast wireframe, prototypes and designs through intuitive design tools. Designers have the ability to design specs instantly while connecting integrations to enhance their workflow.
Invision is a collaboration and prototyping workflow tool for designers. The platforms gives artists clear control of everything needed to enhance the design process through efficient mock up and wireframe design tools.
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visio a vector graphics and diagramming application that’s part of the Microsoft Office family. It provides a wide range of pre-built shapes, objects and stencils that facility a seamless design process.
Axure RP Pro is a rapid prototyping, documentation, wire framing and documentation software platform focused on despot and web apps. Its features include resizing, drop placement, and formatting of widgets.

Cloud Tools

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is a part of that offers real-time cloud computing platforms, database storage and content delivery to governments, companies, and individuals through a paid subscription model.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft for testing, launching, building, and organizing applications through an international network of Microsoft-maintained data centers.
Google Cloud
Google Cloud is a platform created by Google that offers a range of cloud computing services that operates on the equivalent infrastructure used by Google for its end-user products like Youtube and Google Search.
Rackspace is a cloud computing company focused on making it easy to manage public and private cloud deployments. It offers services designed to empower businesses to maximize their public cloud distributions.